Are You A Risk- Taker Or A Micro- Planner?

Appreciate what you have and enjoy what you are doing. What could be a better philosophy than this?
By the way, what would be your answer if someone asks you about your managerial strategy in a job interview?
Let me tell you the appropriate answer for this question: it is “Situational”.img11
Indeed! Your strategy toward a problem should be situational i.e. depending upon the situation.
I believe one must act according to the situation and adapt.
One should understand the importance of planning well, setting goals and achieving them.
One cannot hold on to a specific strategy for whole of his life. Risk taking is important but it needs to be calculated. As a leader, one should foresee the challenges and act accordingly to avoid last minute panics.

Every day we face new challenges to cope up with. Be it in offices, colleges or clubs etc.
I believe in the power of self- control. There would always be situations that would be beyond our control. These situations deprive us of our comfort zones. At such times, controlling your emotions allows you to take the right decision and perform the best.
So, which one is the better approach? Risk taker or a micro-planner?
Well, I would suggest that if you succeed in keeping a balance between these two strategies then they will surely act as a ladder for your success.
Always remember that time is the most valuable gift. It is like money. It depends on you to make the best out of it.
So, Priorities your tasks. You need to understand that some days are very crucial in our personal life and some in our professional life. The key is to give your best to your family and work on those vital days.
And don’t forget as I always say, You Only Live Once!!



Social Media in Education : Help or Hindrance


There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in our society. With time it has become an integral part of it.
Social media in education helps in enhancing the learning experience but the main question is how does help in learning? What type of learning does it promote? And does it hinder other forms of learning?
Whenever a new technology arrives, people try to find out ways in which it can be utilized to enhance education. Some of the new technical tools include computer, IPods, PowerPoint projectors etc. and the latest buzz is of tablet devices.
There are many benefits of social media such as it helps in distance learning and also helps students to collaborate with other students and researchers. It helps students to choose the technology which is best suited for them.
The biggest benefit of social media is that it gives access to encyclopedia and dictionary. We can get ourselves updated to current news, journals etc. in just one click.


Social media has made education simple. It is an ocean of knowledge. It is beneficial if we are interested in getting knowledge and not entertainment.
Some people say that social media is not for classroom and others say that it should be definitely and enthusiastically utilized in teaching and learning process.

In my opinion, social media is helpful in education. It helps the rural students to learn new courses and provides them with real life experiences. These days’ social media is widely used in classroom.
It is considered as a hindrance sometimes because it distracts student. Students get distracted by the advertisement, games and online chatting.
It is the responsibility of the educators to judge what impact would be caused on the new generation by using new technologies. The educators should find ways to avoid the bad impact of social media on the present generation.
Social media can be utilized in many ways for example- If a student has to make a project then he/she can take the help of social media to gather information.
Students can also use e-dictionary for searching difficult words instead of using bulky hard-cover dictionary.
It depends on the present generation whether they want to get benefits out of social media or get spoiled by it!
Just like every coin has two sides, the social media also has some advantages and disadvantages. So, it solely depends on us to get the best out of it.


Recently, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also took the help of social media to connect with the youth of this country which was a very commendable initiative.
The government should promote the usage of smart class in each and every school by providing them the access to internet and creating awareness.
If our attitude is to get knowledge, then social media can be a boon for us. It can provide students with the golden opportunity to experience a whole new world of unending knowledge.

Social media is like money, it depends on us whether we want to spend it on valuable things or useless things.
It is said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. So, the future is in our hands and social media has the capability to contribute something to it.
So, we all should come forward and prevent ourselves from the harmful impact of social media and utilize it in making our future bright.


PATIENCE, The Key To Everything…

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What is Patience? A lot of people have a misconception about this word…

Let me tell you, Patience is not the ability to waiting but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting…

When I say, that patience is the key to everything, you may get confused about what to include…so, here’s a guide to tell you where, how, and why you should practice patience….

  • Patience helps in preventing a quarrel from getting started:

Practice this simple task- the moment you get angry at someone or feel like having a brawl, just think for a while, whether this argument would be beneficial for me in the coming 5 years? Whether I’ll feel happy or satisfied about it when I’ll look back to this moment?

I’m sure you’ll stop right there!

  1. Patience helps you in taking right decision: yes! Patient people take right decision easily as compared to people who take decision in a hurry without giving a second thought to it!

  1. It helps you from getting trapped, when people try to get a reaction out of you: you shouldn’t vent your anger at something without thinking over its pros and cons.

  • It makes you happy within: Of course! It feels so good when we don’t carry a grudge for someone. We sleep peacefully at nights without a fear of getting caught in some bad deeds…and life becomes so good…

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  • Just don’t let your emotions get over you…have some patience…everything will be alright! All you need to do is to be OPTIMISTIC!!

  • There are times when you may feel low or want to react on something you don’t like…just wait for the right time and the right moment to come because whatever happens, happens for a reason…a good reason indeed!!

  • Life is too short to keep grudges…and grudges make our life bitter…so, just handle every situation with patience….and enjoy it to the fullest!!

  • LIVE IN THE NOW!! BE CALM AND COMPOSED!! Make your life worth living by practicing patience

As I always say “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!”

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The YOLO philosophy!!

Ok! Firstly, let me tell you what’s this YOLO philosophy.

You might have come across lot of philosophies in life but I’m sure you haven’t heard about this one.

This is the latest philosophy trending these days. It is an acronym for “You Only Live Once”.

It implies that one should enjoy life, even if that entails taking risks. The phrase and acronym are both used in youth culture and music, and were both popularized by the 2011 song “The Motto” by Canadian rapper Drake.



The followers of this philosophy believe in the noble idea of living life to the fullest and through their actions, convey that one should take risks in life because you probably won’t get another chance to do it. This motto pushes people to try something new, make spur-of-the-moment mistakes and live every day, like it’s their last.


In youth culture:
The phrase has achieved currency in youth culture. For example, a high school prank in Chicago, Illinois involved high school students chanting “YOLO”. Some people have graffitied “YOLO” on walls.It has become a popular Twitter hashtag.[16] Some youth have said that it is their motto,and actor Zac Efron has a tattoo with the acronym. The phrase and acronym are used in merchandise worn by teenagers such as hats and t-shirts.

YOLO in media:

YOLO, people! TOI 23 Feb 2014, 18:20 IST
That’s the acronym for You Only Live Once. A contender for the 2012 Oxford American Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’, the YOLO philosophy is gaining momentum and has become more popular than ever.


Last year, during census time in New Zealand, many citizens started a campaign to make this philosophy a religion, by filling out YOLO under the ‘religion’ section in their forms!



A research by University of Missouri, US, revealed when people realise that life is scarce, they focus more on positive things and appreciate everything around them. More importantly, they challenge their fears. Mandip Singh Soin, founder of an adventure travel company agrees, “My friend General Tindy Sharma, a YOLO follower, went parachute jumping at the age of 80! Even I live life on the edge. I have climbed Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

The YOLO philosophy is all about collecting great experiences, even if it means moving out of your comfort zone.I believes it is best to live life in the moment, by breaking a few rules. Despite the impulsive decision-making YOLO involves, it teaches us to stop fretting over little things. We nurture many wishful desires, which we don’t fulfill most of the time, but this philosophy helps us to break our guardedness and fulfill those desires without giving it much thought. It makes us question: what’s the worst that can happen, if I do this?





People who swear by this philosophy,tend to enjoy life to the fullest

>>So, make YOLO philosophy a part of your life as you only live once..take risks and enjoy life!! coz the day when you were born doesnt count but the day when you discover why you were born counts!!<<