Are You A Risk- Taker Or A Micro- Planner?

Appreciate what you have and enjoy what you are doing. What could be a better philosophy than this?
By the way, what would be your answer if someone asks you about your managerial strategy in a job interview?
Let me tell you the appropriate answer for this question: it is “Situational”.img11
Indeed! Your strategy toward a problem should be situational i.e. depending upon the situation.
I believe one must act according to the situation and adapt.
One should understand the importance of planning well, setting goals and achieving them.
One cannot hold on to a specific strategy for whole of his life. Risk taking is important but it needs to be calculated. As a leader, one should foresee the challenges and act accordingly to avoid last minute panics.

Every day we face new challenges to cope up with. Be it in offices, colleges or clubs etc.
I believe in the power of self- control. There would always be situations that would be beyond our control. These situations deprive us of our comfort zones. At such times, controlling your emotions allows you to take the right decision and perform the best.
So, which one is the better approach? Risk taker or a micro-planner?
Well, I would suggest that if you succeed in keeping a balance between these two strategies then they will surely act as a ladder for your success.
Always remember that time is the most valuable gift. It is like money. It depends on you to make the best out of it.
So, Priorities your tasks. You need to understand that some days are very crucial in our personal life and some in our professional life. The key is to give your best to your family and work on those vital days.
And don’t forget as I always say, You Only Live Once!!



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