Social Media in Education : Help or Hindrance


There is no doubt that social media plays an important role in our society. With time it has become an integral part of it.
Social media in education helps in enhancing the learning experience but the main question is how does help in learning? What type of learning does it promote? And does it hinder other forms of learning?
Whenever a new technology arrives, people try to find out ways in which it can be utilized to enhance education. Some of the new technical tools include computer, IPods, PowerPoint projectors etc. and the latest buzz is of tablet devices.
There are many benefits of social media such as it helps in distance learning and also helps students to collaborate with other students and researchers. It helps students to choose the technology which is best suited for them.
The biggest benefit of social media is that it gives access to encyclopedia and dictionary. We can get ourselves updated to current news, journals etc. in just one click.


Social media has made education simple. It is an ocean of knowledge. It is beneficial if we are interested in getting knowledge and not entertainment.
Some people say that social media is not for classroom and others say that it should be definitely and enthusiastically utilized in teaching and learning process.

In my opinion, social media is helpful in education. It helps the rural students to learn new courses and provides them with real life experiences. These days’ social media is widely used in classroom.
It is considered as a hindrance sometimes because it distracts student. Students get distracted by the advertisement, games and online chatting.
It is the responsibility of the educators to judge what impact would be caused on the new generation by using new technologies. The educators should find ways to avoid the bad impact of social media on the present generation.
Social media can be utilized in many ways for example- If a student has to make a project then he/she can take the help of social media to gather information.
Students can also use e-dictionary for searching difficult words instead of using bulky hard-cover dictionary.
It depends on the present generation whether they want to get benefits out of social media or get spoiled by it!
Just like every coin has two sides, the social media also has some advantages and disadvantages. So, it solely depends on us to get the best out of it.


Recently, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi also took the help of social media to connect with the youth of this country which was a very commendable initiative.
The government should promote the usage of smart class in each and every school by providing them the access to internet and creating awareness.
If our attitude is to get knowledge, then social media can be a boon for us. It can provide students with the golden opportunity to experience a whole new world of unending knowledge.

Social media is like money, it depends on us whether we want to spend it on valuable things or useless things.
It is said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. So, the future is in our hands and social media has the capability to contribute something to it.
So, we all should come forward and prevent ourselves from the harmful impact of social media and utilize it in making our future bright.



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