PATIENCE, The Key To Everything…

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What is Patience? A lot of people have a misconception about this word…

Let me tell you, Patience is not the ability to waiting but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting…

When I say, that patience is the key to everything, you may get confused about what to include…so, here’s a guide to tell you where, how, and why you should practice patience….

  • Patience helps in preventing a quarrel from getting started:

Practice this simple task- the moment you get angry at someone or feel like having a brawl, just think for a while, whether this argument would be beneficial for me in the coming 5 years? Whether I’ll feel happy or satisfied about it when I’ll look back to this moment?

I’m sure you’ll stop right there!

  1. Patience helps you in taking right decision: yes! Patient people take right decision easily as compared to people who take decision in a hurry without giving a second thought to it!

  1. It helps you from getting trapped, when people try to get a reaction out of you: you shouldn’t vent your anger at something without thinking over its pros and cons.

  • It makes you happy within: Of course! It feels so good when we don’t carry a grudge for someone. We sleep peacefully at nights without a fear of getting caught in some bad deeds…and life becomes so good…

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  • Just don’t let your emotions get over you…have some patience…everything will be alright! All you need to do is to be OPTIMISTIC!!

  • There are times when you may feel low or want to react on something you don’t like…just wait for the right time and the right moment to come because whatever happens, happens for a reason…a good reason indeed!!

  • Life is too short to keep grudges…and grudges make our life bitter…so, just handle every situation with patience….and enjoy it to the fullest!!

  • LIVE IN THE NOW!! BE CALM AND COMPOSED!! Make your life worth living by practicing patience

As I always say “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!”

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Things Unsaid Become Unheard…

You might have heard this phrase at some or the other point of your life “Don’t be afraid to speak your mind”. Well, I’m sure nobody ever took the pain to give a thought on it! What does this means? What is the significance of this phrase?

Usually, people overhear these phrases of day to day life…thinking that it’s a part of their life…But is it really a part of your life? Have u ever practiced speaking your heart out?

And the answer is NO


We like to be in a crowd and never try to stand out of it…and in a bid to do that, we end up joining the group of stereotypes.

Even our constitution says that “We have the right to speak” then why do we feel shy in raising our voice against something wrong?

Let me share with u an incident that took place today, one of my classmates raised her voice against mass bunk as she wasn’t interested in bunking the classes for no reason. The moment she spoke up, everybody looked at her as if she’s a criminal who is giving a justification of a crime done by her in front of the judge. After listening to her views everybody started ignoring and commenting on her…

I’m just keeping an example in front of u at a very small scale…We come across such issues in the news everyday!

What I’m trying to convey is that you should never be afraid to raise your voice against the odds because if you will then your thoughts will become unheard.

This doesn’t only apply on these matters…but also when it comes to sharing your thoughts with others or to keep your point of view in front of them…Whether to a friend or a loved one…you should not be afraid to speak your heart as long as your intentions are right!

Keeping things in your heart instead of expressing it to others leads to “regrets”. This regret remains in your heart for a life time and pokes you every now and then…

If you have something to tell your loved ones…then don’t wait for the right time…just make the present time right!

An unsaid and unheard feeling becomes a burden when not expressed properly…

It is said that time and tide waits for none…so, hurry up as “YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE…”